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Church-sponsored workshops. Sustaining support groups.

Inspiring, equipping, mobilizing grandparents and legacy keepers.

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The Legacy Imperative equips grandparents and those who treasure our heritage with the tools to pass on Judeo-Christian values of faith, family, and country to the next generations. The primary tool and first step in equipping are church or organization-sponsored workshops. Led by Dr. Bob Petterson, Legacy Imperative founder, workshops are held in churches around the country over a one-and-one-half-day period.

Flexible Formats to Fit Your Needs.

The Legacy Imperative offers in-person, live stream or virtual workshops, broken into ten riveting episodes. No one-size-fits-all, we work with your church to tailor workshops to meet your needs, and support your cultural and doctrinal requirements. 


  • To help you understand the culture and digital world kids inhabit.
  • To show how to bridge the communications gap in a meaningful way.
  • To teach you how to communicate values in a language and manner that are relevant to young people, so that they will be motivated to pass on these same values to their friends and future families.

Innovative. Energizing. Game-changing content.

  • Changing times. A provocative look at the six generations that share our space. Comparative trends, viewpoints, ways of thinking.
  • Hot-buttons. How to bring down the temperature for effective discussions of hot-button issues.
  • The brave new digital world. Learn how to navigate the new digital world and understand the language and communication styles of the young who inhabit it. 
  • The Power of story. Learn how to transmit your story of faith and family to a skeptical, social media generation.
  • The endgame. Effectively evangelizing and discipling the next generations so that they can do the same in their world.
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After you’ve participated in our workshops, we’ll help you maintain the momentum and keep up with evolving trends in youth communications and culture, by assisting your church in setting up and maintaining ongoing support groups. Not only will groups keep you up-to-date –they’ll enable you to share concerns, provide helpful “navigational” strategies, develop deep  friendships, and more!

Find out how you and your church can participate.

Contact Maureen at maureen@legacyimperative.org or call 239.206.9378