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A Brief Description of Our Mission

A mission to Digital Land. Mobilizing and equipping grandparents, parents and mentors to disciple and pass on the values of faith, family and country to the next generations in a language and manner that will resonate with them. In turn, young people will be prepared to share those values with their friends and peers, reaching generations to come. Tools include: church workshops, sustaining support groups, intergenerational tours, books, and social media. The Legacy Imperative is a non-profit organization, that relies on donations from individuals, churches and foundations, and sales of its resource materials.



What’s your mission field? 

We are targeting one of the largest unreached people groups on the planet: our nation’s Millennials and Gen Zs. They number 174 million and inhabit a place we call Digital Land. If it were a nation, it would be the eighth largest in the world! 

Why do you refer to them as inhabitants of Digital Land?

They are the most digitally savvy generation and are characterized by their constant connection to digital devices – for their social lives, entertainment, communications, information, and more. Sadly, most of these digital natives are disconnected to faith and family.

Why are they a critical group?

  • 152 million are not followers of Jesus Christ.
  • 75% don’t attend any house of worship.
  • 15 million self-identify as atheist. 
  • Their suicide rate has tripled in the last decade.
  • One-in-three are raised by a single mother; one-in-five by grandparents.
  • They embrace sexual, gender, and family fluidity.
  • They are abandoning our most enduring biblical values. 
  • In 2024, they will comprise 48 percent of the electorate. 

Who are your missionaries?

Mainly grandparents. But parents and mentors are encouraged to participate too. Our studies show that the people Millennials and Gen Zs love and admire the most are their grandparents. Happily, there are some 25 million born-again grandparents who have the time and the motivation to  become missionaries to their digital native grandchildren. On the other hand, most of this older group do not feel equipped to reach a generation that is immersed in an alien Digital Land with a language and culture all its own. That’s where the Legacy Imperative comes in.

How will you conduct and sustain your mission?

A five-step process:

  1. Sounding the alarm; waking up grandparents and parents to the crisis.
  2. Calling them to action as missionaries.
  3. Holding church workshops to train and equip them to effectively communicate the story of faith, family and country to the next generations.
  4. Giving them the additional tools to carry on their mission including books, webinars, social media, and intergenerational tours. 
  5. And finally sustaining them through viral, follow-up small groups of grandparents, parents and mentors across America.

What will the workshops cover? 

Workshops are conducted by Dr. Bob Petterson, renowned pastor, speaker and best-selling author.  The fast-moving, 20-minute segments feature riveting audio and video enhancements, in-depth research and creative interaction to make content both indelible and memorable. 

Dr. Bob will …

  • Teach how to tell and write the story of your faith and family in a way that effectively communicates to a social media generation.
  • Help you understand your own generation and those of your children and grandchildren.
  • Provide next-generation profiles and demographic information.
  • Teach how to transmit  values and faith to skeptical kids.
  • Share how to effectively discuss hot-button, contentious issues.
  • Show how to implant a lasting sense of identity and worth.
  • Demonstrate how to skillfully employ new media platforms.
  • Provide a glossary and lexicon of next-generation terminology.
  • And more!

How will momentum be sustained?

Our support won’t stop. The movement momentum will be maintained through continuing grandparent support groups organized through participating churches, on-line help and Legacy updates to keep participants up-to-date and engaged.

How will you ensure that the movement endures?

We ultimately believe that grandchildren and young people who have been nurtured and discipled by their grandparents and parents will reach out to their own generation and bring others into the faith family. This is based on the proven mission principle that those touched by the Gospel pass on the Good News to their peers.

What are your 10-year goals for the Legacy Imperative movement?

  • Hold workshops in 2,500 congregations and communities across America.
  • Have 100,000 grandparents, parents and mentors in small, viral support groups.
  • Disciple one-million Millennials and Gen Zs who will go on to disciple their Digital Land peers.

For more information on how to become involved

Contact [email protected]  To explore offering Legacy Imperative workshops in your church or faith-based organization, contact [email protected]  We welcome your participation! 

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