The Legacy Imperative –
Ensuring Enduring Values

The Legacy Imperative equips grandparents and those who treasure our heritage with the tools to pass on Judeo-Christian values of faith, family, and country to the next generations. Our goal is to disciple and help you understand the culture and digital world kids inhabit, and how to communicate values in a language and manner that are relevant to them, so that they will be motivated to pass on these same values to their friends and future families.


Grandparents Are Key to Passing on Our Values

Research shows the key to averting the crisis of the decay of Judeo-Christian values in our country: Grandparents, beloved by their “grands,” exempt from parenting rules, with time to invest in what’s most important. This makes them ideal to forge the future. The quandary: How to do it? How to relate to kids with views shaped by Hollywood and educational elite, glued to mobile devices, with limited attention spans? Complicating this crisis: When different generations try to communicate with each other, they may as well be strangers in a foreign land. 

What We Believe

I.   Our Vision 

To change the direction of America by transforming the next generations’ values. 

II.   Our Mission

To mobilize, teach and equip grandparents with the tools and intergenerational opportunities to pass on our Judeo-Christian legacy to the next generations.

III.   Our Objective

To make our programs and services readily accessible and affordable for grandparents and their families in order to achieve our vision.

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