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Legacy Imperative Summits earn high ratings!

Legacy Imperative Summit participants have given our workshops high marks – 4.9 on a scale of 1 to 5. They also testified to the value of the workshops and content. Here’s a sampling of their comments:

“The workshops far exceeded my expectations.” Maureen

“For the last five years, I’ve been desiring to create a written legacy and have been researching resources. Also, I’ve been very convicted as to the need to reach out to these generations differently when speaking about faith. I am not overstating it when I say that I was desperate for something like this.” Emily

“A good format, lots of movement and variety:  listening, large group, small group sharing, slides, videos, music that fits our generations’ memories. Excellent information about the generations…” Anonymous

“The information was fantastic and the presenter enthusiastic. The sharing of our stories was a highlight.” Ernie

“Dr. Bob is the perfect person to mobilize grandparents: great storyteller and speaker, a loving grandfather, and a passion for the vision. It is obvious that he has put his heart into the Legacy Imperative and honoring God.” Marie

“This was a life-changing experience with invaluable information We had a wonderful time with Dr. Bob and his beautiful wife, and many new friends. The Legacy Imperative is something I never dreamt I could pass on to my children. Dr. Bob teaches you how.” Rose

“I liked learning about generational differences – how to begin relating in a more effective and meaningful way with the younger generations.” Dan

“The workshop was life-changing for me. I learned so many new skills on how to relate to our next generations, as well as how to begin to tell my story to my grandchildren. If you ever get a chance to attend one of his workshops, do not miss out on the opportunity. Thank you Dr. Bob for all your dedication to the Lord in preparing this great story. “ Bonnie

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