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Reaching Digital Land Film Series

All new, spell-binding, transformative film series

Show them to your small group. Use them for Bible study. View with your children and grandchildren. Invite friends for watch parties. Maintain your missionary momentum. Thought-provoking discussion questions at the end of each episode.

A reviewer describes the series as “Netflix meets the History Channel.”

Episode One : IMPERATIVE

Look in the rearview mirror of history to see the chilling reality of a postmodern world gone mad. The Doomsday clock is ticking down. Yet, as long as there is still time, there is still hope.


Episode Two : EROSION

A trip down memory lane through the eyes of the Greatest, Silent, Boomer, and X generations. Revisit the events that reshaped America. Only when we know how we got here, can we change where we’re going next.


Episode Three : COLLAPSE

The seven steps nations go through in their relentless march to the abyss. Has the erosion of the four older generations brought us to the point of collapse? A closer look at Millennials, Gen Zs, and the only way back from the abyss.


Episode Four : IDENTITY

Unlocking the mystery to why the selfie generation doesn’t like itself. Why the skyrocketing suicide rate? Why do identity crisis and uncertainty plague too many Millennials and Zs? How can grandparents bring healing and hope?


Episode Five : ROOTS AND WINGS

Exploring why our postmodern culture severs roots and clips wings. Without them, our young cannot stand strong in coming storms, or fly to better places. Yet, there is still time to unlock the secrets to giving roots and wings to those we love most.



Discovering real superheroes: Super-Grandparents who forge the future. Not a computer-generated Wonder Woman, Black Panther, or Captain America. Not with capes, x-ray vision or rocket packs. But with heroic faith and unconquerable love.



What are the keys that unlock our adult children’s goodwill, allowing unfettered access to our grandkids? What are the keys that open our grandchildren’s hearts, and continue to reopen them—even in the most difficult of times?


Episode Eight : HOT BUTTONS

Identifying and diffusing three hot-button issues that expose generational divides wider than the Grand Canyon: Fixed versus Fluid; Conviction versus Compassion; Intolerance versus Acceptance.


Episode Nine : HOT BUTTONS 2

Embracing the Jesus strategy for spiritual warfare, rather than the culture wars that polarize—especially when it comes to three hot buttons: Free Speech versus Nice Speech; Assertive versus Careful; Christian versus Post-Christian Culture.


Episode Ten : ENDGAME

A call to get off the bench, and into the only game that matters. The clock is ticking, and time is running out. Are your children and grandkids ready for what’s ahead? Legacy Imperative has a game plan to prepare you to prepare them.


Created, Directed, Produced by Dr. Robert A. Petterson

Dr. Bob, Legacy Imperative Co-Founder and President, renowned senior pastor, author, and riveting speaker, will guide you through the series. He’s been head of one of the world’s largest ministries to film and television executives, has preached the Gospel to more the two-million people on five continents, and has trained hundreds of pastors here and abroad. You may know him as the author of the best-selling One-Year Book of Amazing Stories.

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