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Sharing Your Faith in Today’s Culture

Wish you had a guide for discussing

hard issues with your grandkids?

Let us help you build bridges –

not walls- with our next generations.

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“We believe that Jesus did not come to make bad people good.  He came to bring life to dead people. Until our grandchildren are spiritually alive, we will not see change in our social, cultural or political landscape.”
Dr. Robert Petterson

The Legacy Crisis

We’ve inherited a legacy of faith from those before us. But we’re losing the next generations. As one of the largest unreached people groups in the world, 152 million Millennials and Gen Zs don’t know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Most are nonreligious; and a significant majority embrace moral, sexual, gender, and family fluidity.

In a world that feels like it’s up in flames, how can you ensure that your Faith and its values survive? If you bring up a topic, it reads as preachy or judgmental. And, if you hold your tongue, nothing changes. It’s more than frustrating. It’s devastating.

As someone in the fourth quarter of your life who cares about the next generations, you search for guidance—a path to turn your good intentions into actual influence and change.

Grandparents & Grandpersons Are Key

Whether you’re a grandparent or grandperson who is influencing the NextGens, here’s what’s exciting: 83% of Millennials say they want to go on vacation with their grandparents over anyone else. Why? Because their peers pressure them to be cool and their parents correct them. But you’re one-of-a-kind; you’re a cheerleader. Your influence—the intentional words you share—will stick long after their Snapchats and TikToks disappear.

Find out how you and your church can participate in a Summit.

Contact Elin at Elin@LegacyImperative.org or call 239.206.9378

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