Spanish philosopher George Santayana famously said, “Those who can’t remember the past are doomed to repeat it.”  This session takes a look back in history to remember what happens when we forget to pass on to the next generations the legacy we received from those who came before us.  Like King Hezekiah, most of us will be given fifteen bonus years.  How we use these years will determine the future of those who follow behind us.  This session puts the imperative in Legacy Imperative by sounding an inescapable call to action. 

Session Two: EROSION

Few things collapse overnight.  Erosion takes years before a sudden catastrophe sweeps away foundations or walls.  The same is true of individuals and societies.  In this session, we take you down memory lane to see how erosion over several generations has brought us to the place we are today.  We will never understand our next generations loved ones or the world they’ve inherited, until we understand ourselves and those who came before us.  So, sit back, and take a look at four generations: Greatest, Silent, Baby Boomer, and Gen X.

Session Three: COLLAPSE

In our last session we saw four generations of a gradual erosion of faith and values in our culture.  In this session we will take a close look at the two generations who’ve inherited today’s world from us:  Millennials and Gen Z’s—those under the age of forty.  Are they being handed a world on the verge of collapse?  Are they capable of navigating the troubled waters that are sweeping away old faith moorings?  Or will they be swept away by tsunami-sized waves of change that threaten us all?  

Session Four: IDENTITY

There is a profound identity crisis among Millennials and Gen Z’s.  So many of the markers that gave a sure sense of identity to former generations have been systematically removed by the social engineers of our day.  In this session, we will see why our young are being cast adrift on seas of uncertainty, without a destination that sets their course, charts to guide them, or a moral compass that will prove true in shifting tides and tsunami-sized waves.  We will learn the two critical gifts his heavenly Father gave Jesus at his baptism, and how those of us who are seasoned salts can give the same to the young navigators in our lives.    

Session Five: ROOTS & WINGS

Almost every study shows that our next generations youth lack too many of the essential roots that allowed those who came before us to stand strong in the storms of life.  In this session, we discover how grandparents are strategically positioned to give the roots our grandkids so desperately need.  We will not only learn essential secrets to giving those roots, but also how to give wings to those we love most.  We not only want them to stand upright in the hurricane winds of change buffeting our world, but to fly above the storms on wings of eagles into a glorious future. 


Real heroes are in short supply.  So Hollywood movie makers and video game producers create them for our grandkids.  But we believe the real superheroes of our day are those grandparents who are forging the future.  No capes, x-ray vision, or rocket packs.  Just faith, lived out daily. Love, given unconditionally.  And perseverance that won’t let go, even when their grandchildren have jettisoned their faith and gone off into the Far Country.  Grandparents are the superheroes who will save the next generations.  Too many people are trying to build a better America for our kids.  We need to build better kids for a greater future.  In this session, we will show grandparents how to help make that a reality.


In this session we talk about a growing pandemic in North America: grandparents being cut off from their grandkids, given limited access, or being slowly frozen out.  It’s more important than ever that grandparents maintain credibility and goodwill with their adult children so that they have free access to their grandkids.  It’s equally important that their love is so irresistible, that their grandkids will open their hearts and arms to them.  This session offers practical insights on how to keep the grand in grandparenting.

Session Eight: HOT BUTTONS

It’s no secret that we live in toxic times.  Political and social chasms are widening at an alarming rate.  Sadly, the generations are on opposite sides in many of these polarizing issues.  We have three choices:  we can either retreat into our own echo chambers, while lobbing verbal grenades across the Grand Canyon-sized schisms, or become political culture warriors in a fight to the death, or build bridges across the divide that allow us to carry the gospel of Christ to those we love most.  In this session we will see three of six hot button issues that divide the generations today, and learn how we can bring healing rather than more division.

Session Nine: HOT BUTTONS 2

We’ve saved the three most difficult hot button issues for this session because we believe they pose the greatest challenge to the Gospel for Millennials and Gen Z’s. If we are to be effective missionaries to our Digital Land loved ones, we must understand how they are being reshaped by the social engineers of our day to think in radically different ways than we do. But armed with an understanding of the issues, and answers to the questions the next generations are asking, grandparents can counteract the powerful forces and seductions of a social media age. 

Session Ten: ENDGAME

This session is the call to action.  The stakes are high.  The challenges are big.  But the endgame is worth the final and best years of your life.  In this session, Dr. Bob Petterson gives a rousing and compelling call to action from one of the greatest stories in the Bible.  He calls it the “Parable of the Third Brother.”  This unique and unforgettable take on a familiar story calls us to take the next steps in the greatest adventure of our lives.