Experience the sites that forged our faith and heritage on these intergenerational tours.

Gather your loved ones. Explore the roots of our faith and Judeo-Christian heritage. Create a family faith-based legacy on these intergenerational, small group pilgrimages.


November 21 – 29, 2020
Rescheduled November 21-28, 2023

Step into Israel and the Bible with Dr. Bob for a once-in-a-lifetime Legacy experience. Walk where Jesus walked. Ascend to the places where He preached and prayed. Explore ancient sites where faith took root – every place made memorable by Dr. Bob’s teaching, historical insights and worship. 

Israel - The Legacy Imperative

$500.00 – Deposit

Deposit secures your spot for this trip.
Limited spots available.

If you, like me, have difficulty understanding and appreciating the Israel of Biblical times as well as the current political environment, if you want to be emotionally MOVED by reenacting Christ’s footsteps and if you enjoy vacationing with like minded people, then Pastor Bob Petterson’s Israel Pilgrimage is for you!!

All of that combined with Chris Allan’s handling of every detail from travel to lodging to food made the experience not only worry free but 5 Stars! And speaking of worry, I have never felt safer on any trip! Israel has it figured out on how to make tourists feel secure.

Truly an experience of a lifetime!

Dave & Sue S.

footsteps of the reformation
Prague – Wittenberg – Frankfurt – Salzburg – Geneva

September 15 – 23, 2020

Rescheduling TBD

Join us on a Legacy tour to the sites where God changed the course of history and gave birth to the Great Reformation. Walk where Czech reformer Jan Huss sparked a spiritual revolution. Follow the trail set by Martin Luther that ignited reform. See where John Calvin and John Knox established the principles that restored human dignity, and gave birth to democratic republics and free enterprise capitalism.

Explore magical cities including Prague, Wittenburg, Frankfurt, Strasbourg, and Geneva. Tour medieval castles and monasteries. Enjoy luxurious accommodations. Savor fine cuisine.
All with the best fellow travelers, tour guides and teaching. A life-changing tour designed to prepare you to change your world!


prague - The Legacy Imperative

$500.00 – Deposit

Deposit secures your spot for this trip.
Limited spots available.


Dr. Bob’s pilgrimages are intimate, designed for individuals – not for large groups. Trouble-free and unique, these spiritual journeys feature all the amenities that make travel easy and enjoyable – with an added plus: Dr. Bob’s inspired, thought-provoking messages with their enduring impact. All guaranteed to change your world view.

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