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Welcome to the Legacy Imperative movement!

Summit Promo - The Legacy Imperative

All of the items contained in this Marketing Kit are designed to help you and/or your communications team promote the NEXT GENERATIONS Summit and Mission Training Groups to your membership. Each of them have been developed based on proven tools we’ve created
for other churches or organizations like yours, and are offered as basic templates you can customize to fit your individual requirements, i.e. location, dates, times, etc.

We recommend starting the marketing process six-to- eight weeks before the Summit with the “Save-the-Date” [email 1] and a similar announcement in your regular email or Sunday communications. The other pieces listed can be used as you deem appropriate and interspersed with your regularly scheduled communications.

The Marketing Kit contains the following items:

Legacy Basics

Include the basic assets for the Legacy Imperative brand including:

  • Legacy Imperative Logo
  • Bio and photo of Dr. Petterson

Summit Basics

Include assets to promote the Summit including:

  • Sunday Bulletin Insert
  • Sunday Announcement Slide

*Note: Boxes are indicated for your information.  The boxes will disappear when you’ve made your changes.

Summit Promotion Emails

Contains Summit Graphic for use in all emails to maintain continuity of communications and 5 emails to cover the course of pre- Summit marketing.

  1. Save the Date
  2. Early Bird
  3. End of Early Bird
  4. Register Now
  5. There’s Still Time To Register

Video Series

These provocative short video clips are
designed to pique interest in the Summit.
They can be used in Sunday or other Summit
announcements, including emails.

  1. A place called Digital Land
  2. Showing the next generation how to navigate the storms ahead
  3. Navigating the new normal
  4. Grandparents forging the future
  5. Teen suicide despair
  6. Eight bonus marketing clips

Grandparent Commitment

This document is for use as a printed handout to give Summit participants, or can be downloaded and emailed for Virtual Summits.

Mission Training Groups Email

Invitation email to be sent to participants immediately after the Summit to encourage their training as “missionaries” to the next generations.

Please direct any questions you may have about the materials or the Summit to Maureen Kirby, Outreach Director: [email protected] or call 239.206.9378.