Reaching Digital Land: Three-Step Strategy

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step one


Recruiting and Mobilizing a Mission Force

The Legacy Imperative equips grandparents and other followers of Christ with the tools to pass on biblical values of faith and family to the next generations, our Millennial and Gen Z young people. The first step is a church or organization-sponsored NEXT GENERATIONS Summit, led by Dr. Robert Petterson, Legacy Imperative founder and president.


Most programs impart information alone. The key Legacy Imperative difference is that the  NEXT GENERATIONS Summit is designed to give your congregants and members the inspirational vision and tools to reach and transform their children and grandchildren — the natives of Digital Land.

Innovative. Energizing. Game-Changing Content.

  • Changing times. A provocative look at the six generations that share our space. Comparative trends, viewpoints, ways of thinking.
  • Hot-buttons. How to bring down the temperature, bridge the generational divide, for effective discussions of hot-button issues.
  • The brave new digital world. Learn how to navigate the new digital world and understand the language and communication styles of the young who inhabit it.
  • The power of story. Learn how to transmit your story of faith and family to a skeptical, social media generation.
  • The endgame. Effectively evangelizing and discipling the next generations so that they can do the same in their world.

A Powerful Multimedia Format

In most cases, the NEXT GENERATIONS Summit, which is broken into ten 30-minute sessions with intervening break-outs, features four sessions on a Friday evening, and six on Saturday. Depending on the Summit option you select, the sessions can be scheduled and/or spaced out to meet your individual requirements.

Dr. Robert Petterson, riveting speaker, best-selling author and pastor, leads the NEXT GENERATIONS Summit. He imbues each session with inspirational teaching, media and film clips, and interaction to impart content in a spellbinding and entertaining way.

Two Flexible Summit Options to Fit Your Requirements.

The Legacy Imperative NEXT GENERATIONS Summit is designed to respect your cultural, doctrinal and size requirements, and is available in the following configurations:

Option 1

In-person, single venue and/or livestream Summit to satellite churches, or a combination of neighboring community churches. Dr. Petterson leads and facilitates the Summit sessions.

Honorarium: $5,000. Includes speaker fee, travel and per diem costs, set-up instructions and Summit marketing templates, Mission Training and Sustaining groups leader training and participant downloadable manuals, and up to 100 books shipped to a single address. For larger groups, additional books are available at an extra cost. Host church will provide transportation to/from airport and housing for Dr. Petterson.

(We understand that in these difficult days, some churches are struggling financially. We are more than willing to negotiate our honorarium.)

Option 2

New! Virtual Summit. Includes 10 pre-recorded sessions downloadable for your use twice over a two-year period to accommodate your scheduling requirements, and a pre-recorded video introduction from Dr. Petterson for your participants. Ideal for Sunday school classes, small groups, weekend conferences, and more! All sessions and materials are automatically updated as cultural trends and needs change, so you get the latest version with each download.

Honorarium: $500. Includes online set-up instructions and Summit marketing templates, group leader training and participant downloadable manuals and training videos for the Mission Training and Sustaining groups. Plus special access to an ever-expanding Toolbox on our website and up to 10 books shipped to a single address. Additional books available at an extra cost.


In order to accommodate your costs, we typically recommend a $50 per person charge for the Summit, at your discretion. Your church may also elect to cover all or a portion of the participant fee. This flexibility enables you to cover any added costs incurred for the sessions, i.e. meals, tablets, etc., or to utilize the additional funds generated from higher-than-anticipated attendance for other church ministries.

Please note: Whether you choose the live/in-person or virtual/pre-recorded Summit option, we understand that each church is in a different financial position and we will be happy to work with you to make our cost appropriate to your circumstances.

Download the resources below to begin sharing our Summits:

Our Vision | Our Process | How we’re Different | About Dr. Bob
Summit Checklist | Summit Schedule
The Agreements (Virtual | Live)
All Files (zip)


step two

Mission Training Groups

Developing Missionaries to Digital Land!

At the completion of the NEXT GENERATIONS Summit, participants are invited to join an eight-week Mission Training Group where they will acquire the skills to effectively disciple the next generations.

At the end of Mission Training, they will be invited to become Missionaries to Digital Land, commissioned to reach and disciple their children, grandchildren, and other young people. Like the Summit, Mission Training Groups can be in-person or virtual.

Legacy Imperative provides all the materials and training on how to conduct and set up in-person or virtual groups in your church. Group leaders will be directed to a downloadable facilitator’s handbook and brief, easy-to-follow training videos. Participants are provided with a downloadable manual as well.

step three

Sustaining Groups  

Motivation, Sharing, and Updated Tools to Accomplish the Mission.

Legacy Imperative is founded on the principle that the most precious skills are developed and nurtured over time. Thus, another key Legacy Imperative differentiator is our program structure, which is designed to maintain participant enthusiasm and commitment to discipling over time.

After the eight-week training groups, commissioned Digital Land Missionaries will join a Sustaining Group, where they will pray together, share discipling successes and struggles, hold each other accountable, and learn ongoing skills.

NOTE: If your church already has a structured small group system, Legacy Imperative Mission Training and Sustaining group materials can be incorporated into existing small groups. We’ll be glad to show you how.

 Our website,  offers a continuously updated Toolbox with books, films, videos, blogs, podcasts, Bible study, intergenerational tours, and more. It links to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. All content is designed to maintain enthusiasm and effectiveness.

Find out how you and your church can participate.

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